Melina Bishop is a conceptual sculptor and installation artist who works predominantly with fiber. She has shown independently with Vignettes at Generations (Seattle,WA) and her work has been included in group exhibitions at Soil Gallery (Seattle, WA), The Hoffman Gallery, Surplus Space, Supermaker and galleryHOMELAND (Portland, OR). She graduated from Oregon College of Art and Craft with a BFA in Craft with a concentration in Fiber Art in 2015, and was a 2016 resident artist at the Icelandic Textile Center (Blönduós, IS). She is currently working in Portland, OR as part of the studio collective Neighbors at the Yale Union.


I use the nonverbal language of material to create physical and emotional sensations that cannot be verbalized. Sculpture is a means by which I quiet my internal narration, taking that which is completely intimate and mental and translating it into something universal and physical. By creating tactile manifestations of personal narratives I strive to make sense of the human experience in the context of the day-to-day.

My current body of work draws attention to and elevates the fiber-based utilitarian objects that are physically known and yet seldom intellectually considered. I view such items with respect and empathy. They compose a vocabulary that highlights the philosophical potential of commonplace encounters between the human body and the material world. I use both traditional textile techniques such as weaving, sewing and felting and more intuitive mixed-media processes like pouring and dipping.

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