In order to resurface one must first become submerged. 

In order to resurface one must first admit they require air. 

In order to resurface one must break the tension film that holds then. 

This body of work finds it conceptual origins in a period of life that required me to extract myself from an immersive emotional experience and become reacquainted with the light and breath of a communal consciousness. The works are both confrontations with artifacts from β€œthe submerged state,” as well as products of processes with symbolic implications related to personal narratives.  

Formally, these pieces employ malleable membranes, ridged shells and vulnerable skins. It uses impersonal, disposable materials in relation to both intimate objects of use and craft-based media in order to create abstract stories relating to emotional exposure and a relentless search for order and meaning in the face of chaos and apathy.

Photography: Julia Saltzman