“The more significant clothing is, the more meaning attaches to its absence, and the more awareness is generated about any relation between the two states.” 

Anne Hollander, Seeing Through Clothes

Drawing on the writings of Anne Hollander about the relationship between the human body and clothing as it has been depicted in art throughout human history, Between Folds and Form is a sentence in that dialogue between the idealized folds of fabric and the intimate reality of the human forms that such drapery seeks to aestheticize and conceal. Intentionally playing on the inherent relationship between this exhibition space and a store window, the installation seeks to subvert the traditional vocabulary of retail merchandizing. Impracticality, non-functionality and peculiar details confirm that while these objects speak of commodity, they themselves are simply evocative replacements, using the viewers pre-existing associations as an inlet into their consciousness. The two main forms presented are representative of the two sides of this on-going conversation but moments of formal and material overlap suggesting that there is a space of compromise in which body informs cloth and cloth informs body in a way that is empathetic and mutually respectful.

This installation was a collaboration with Portland-based artist and designer, Jason Rens